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The service provided by multi-channel customer service software providers, Synthetix, assists customers with questions or queries they might have, without the need to make a phone call and in real-time.Adam Ashcroft, Director at Synthetix said, "We are delighted to be working with Anglian Water.

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New research shows that making a change from driving to work to using public transport, cycling or walking could help reduce BMI over two years.Women experience negative effects from the objectification that's common in our society.What happens if they try to seize the reins and elicit sexualized attention in their romantic relationships? Whether it's pooping elephants or goons clowning about in the background, it can be a right pain.But you'd think that everyone involved would at least know that they are live to the nation in the first place, right?The researchers then used a series of analyses to see if changes in mode of transport were linked to changes in weight over time.


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