Who is colin hanks dating

Critics deemed her the love child of Prince and Octavia Butler, with soulful tunes that combined swagger and sci-fi; the singer was soon performing at the White House, appearing in a Super Bowl spot for Pepsi and attending couture shows with Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.

“Janelle doesn’t like anyone trying to normalize her,” says Jidenna, a signee to Wondaland Records, the Atlanta-based Epic imprint she launched in 2015.

Nevertheless, it’s hard not to look at those with long-lasting relationships with a sense of envy – what have they done right, how do they keep it together and what can we do to emulate them?And as expected the details of her married life and even the identity of her husband is yet to be revealed.Her Facebook profile tells us that she's married and lives happily in Los Angeles.In an interview with Oprah, Tom said, “I view my wife as my lover, and we have a bond that goes beyond words like wife or girlfriend or mother.For example, I was able to construct a number of things in [1993] because of my relationship with Rita.We all know couples who’ve stuck together through thick and thin, and their advice over a drink can prove invaluable, but what about those in the public eye?


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