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Let’s be honest here, a lot of expats who have been living here for a while have probably wondered about getting tested at some point.I know, I know, getting tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in beautiful Paree clear in French.

If you test negative, you can take steps to protect yourself and stay free of HIV.

You haven't been involved with anyone who has HIV or AIDS. That's why it's important to play it safe by knowing your status and practicing safer sex.

You may feel nervous about taking the test, but the HIV antibody test will let you know if you have antibodies to the HIV virus.

So, on that note, this blog post is to explain a little bit about how it works and more importantly, why you shouldn’t be afraid to get tested here, French or no French. First things first, you need to choose where you want to go. They are also all TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE and no carte vitale is needed.

I would recommend using a Red Cross centre as they have one located right in the middle of Paris (metro: Palais Royale Musee du Louvre) and most of the people working there speak English. If you don’t speak French, they can, and will, happily ask you the questions in English.


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