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As we enter into the sixth episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race’s seventh season, the show seems to be losing momentum in a significant way. And Then There’s Merle Tonight’s maxi challenge centered around the return of founding Ru Paul’s Drag Race judge Merle Ginsberg.

The girls seem tired by the challenges and in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Ginsberg was replaced by Michelle Visage after the first two seasons of the show, with no real explanation as to why she left.

They have also appeared in an episode of “House Hunters” while doing family task.

There is no other news published regarding his other affair and divorce case. He is extremely prominent as a correspondent for “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, as a “Ross the Intern”.

Like Mathews’s, my very nature reveals my innate homosexuality. Recently, at my 9-to-5, a fellow gay coworker asked me to do a task for him and added, “Please do it without the sass this time.” Sorry, there is no such thing as no sass.

I’m so obviously gay that the owner to my local comic book shop, which is located in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco — perhaps one of the gayest spots in the world — refers to me as “Big Gay Brian” or just “Big Gay.” Why? Sass is my gift from on high; it’s just wired into my flamey DNA. S.: Just because he asked for less sass he got 20 percent more.

If I was in that world all the time, you're right maybe I would be more "ho hum, another Oscars." But this formula is working well for me, and I'm sticking with it. They asked me last year If I could be a judge, and schedule-wise I could only do it half of the time.

It’s not a great place for them to exist in, given that we’re nearly halfway through the season, but at this point, you have to hope that we’ll eventually get rid of most of the dead weight soon, and then things will magically transform into a magnificent competition of only the best of the best. (Though given that Tyra Sanchez won season two, maybe Merle left in shame for allowing such an atrocity to take place.) This sudden departure made for a perfect opportunity for the queens to engage in a little role-play, acting out the exit Ru Hollywood Stories style, telling the tale from three distinct and specific points of view: Ru Paul, Merle, and Michelle.

This means the queens were left to do another acting challenge, again break into teams to do so.

If there is one word that could describe the hilariously talented Ross Mathews, it would be "infectious." From his warm and signature laugh to his zest for anything celebrity, Mathews loves every single project he is involved in, from hosting the GLAAD Awards this year, to being a permanent judge on "Ru Paul's Drag Race" to his podcast, to his newest gig, as a co-host on "Hollywood Live." Ross sat down with us to chat about his love for his podcast "Straight Talk with Ross Mathews," his love drag queens, and how he has learned to "embrace the mistakes"You know, it's funny you say that, we're totally doing that. I hosted it a couple years ago in Los Angeles and then in New York and I loved it. I know the classy thing is to let them come to you, but that's so not me.

I think in about five weeks or so we are going to start filming it and streaming it live, it won't affect the podcast at all. I'm not like that in dating, I'm not like that in work, I'm like a square peg in a round hole and I force it to happen! I went to my first GLAAD awards about fourteen years ago with a friend who had an extra ticket, and I sat in the back at one of the back tables.


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