Stop dating bad boys

Related Link: Dating Advice: 10 Things You’re Over-Analyzing In Your Relationship Make a list of what you want in a man. Do you want someone to take you on a date night every week? Do you want someone who calls you to say goodnight instead of just sending a text? If you’ve never considered dating someone who typically isn’t the bad boy you’d go for, try it out.

If things aren’t going too well now, don’t assume placing an exclusive label on the relationship will make it any different. Once you create this list, keep it handy to remind you of what it is that you’d like to have in a man, and make changes as necessary. There’s nothing wrong with having a type, but sometimes going outside of your safety zone can be a good thing.

You never know when you’ll hear from them or what they’ll do next. While I dated my share of bad boys – I knew in my heart these relationships would never last. There was a sense of freedom and confidence they displayed which I wanted for myself.

So against my better judgment, I hopped on the back of their bikes, willing to risk my emotions for something – thrilling.

According to CNN, the real reason you end up dating the same guys over and over again is because you're mentally wired to do so.

After surveying over 2000 men, the study found that their partner selection was heavily influenced by their parent's traits.


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