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A nice, big image perfect for pinning on Pinterest! Speaking of creative types, if you DO want to make your own, I’m going to give you a PNG that you can place over any image to make your very own WRITE NOW poster. Click it, and it will take you to the full sized image, which you can download and keep. I can’t promise to update on Wednesday this week, but I will certainly be posting printable plotting worksheets on Friday.It’s white, on the white background of my blog, so you can’t see it, but it’s there. If you’d like a different size, comment below (4 to a page? Go ahead, browse my site, check out my Work, a few of my Articles, my Portfolio, and now, what's left? Yes, anything that has to do with logging, formatting, settings - that's my game. - I explain here why directories (folders), as we know them today, are flawed. - Essey on keyboard shortcuts - shortcuts should help the users, not hinder their actions... Allows profiling itself, refactored code, added documentation - Yes, it's finally here! 18 Sept 2007 : Here's my latest article - The mobile office - ready to be mobile? Shipping Container House Plans is a free software application from the CAD subcategory, part of the Graphic Apps category.

The Wine development release 1.3.25 is now available. The source is available from the following locations: Binary packages for various distributions will be available from: You will find documentation on You can also get the current source directly from the git repository. Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.23685 Prince of Persia 3D demo crashes, D3D-related?23881 Core Audio driver stops playing sound when headphones are plugged in or removed 24412 Internet Explorer 9 installer prerequisite check fails due to missing ktmw3224509 Blur: crashes in intro videos in fullscreen mode 24580 Multiple apps fail due to commctrl.Tomato Challenge pod in the re-dressed Events Landing.All you have to do is splat an enormous rotating Buzz, by answering quiz questions correctly.If you successfully hit him ten times in a row, within the time limit, you will win an awesome PS Home Reward – the Buzz! Check out the screenshots of the Reward below: The Play Station Events Space will be open for a limited time only so be sure to jump in and check out this challenging event (and extra kudos to those who win the prize on their first attempt…! Tomato Challenge, a number of the stores in the Shopping Centre will be updated including My Soti and the V-Store, plus we have a very special Alter Ego hat bundle up for grabs (all 18 hats could be yours for just 2.99 EUR).


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