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The problem with the soft variety of persimmon is that it is only edible when it is almost ready to burst with juice and its flesh has turned almost to jelly.

This makes it almost impossible to get home without splitting. You just slice the top off like a boiled egg and dip in your teaspoon.

A small glowing orange fruit with a waxy skin, the Sharon is worth trying.

It gets its name from Israel, where it is extensively grown.

You simply peel and slice it, squeezing over a little lime juice.

A charming way to eat one, with your little jug of cream to constantly top up the hollow in the fruit.The thought that Nazis had become foodies, that they transmit their ideologies to their fellow citizens with regional eats, excited me. I didn’t know what it was or where it came from but this bite of warm, buttery and flaky pain au chocolat was bringing me a joy so immense that nothing at this moment could’ve disturbed this feeling.Behind the unforgiving iron bars, metal grilled doors and limited freedom at Nairobi’s maximum correctional facility, Kamiti Maximum Prison, is the heartwarming story of a group of prisoners who are not only reforming their characters but Kenya’s food security situation with a new transformatory innovation.The terms "mead" and "honey-wine" often are used synonymously.Some cultures, though, differentiate honey-wine from mead.In the process, the community around the blog grew to a degree I’d never anticipated, with up to a third of a million readers a month dropping in to check out the latest post.


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