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It meets the #1 criterion for a good commentary in that it addresses my questions. Pervo does explain his classification of Acts as popular history that draws on conventions more commonly associated with ancient fiction: According to Pervo, an omniscient narrator, miracles, and the lack of a claim to objectivity are more typical of ancient It is worth noting that these characteristics were also typical of the OT narratives Luke modeled his story after.

My biggest complaint so far is that Pervo doesn't bother to defend his late dating of Acts, pointing readers instead to his 2006 monograph on the subject.

Scholars who favor this argument may draw on the fact that the author of Acts included ample and detailed descriptions of Paul's earlier trials, and they observe that he would have done the same with the Roman trial if that had been possible.

In addition, the so-called "we-sections" (those places where the first person plural pronoun is used) imply that the author of Acts was present with Paul on a number of important occasions.

290-325 CE) that we have another “joined-up” account of early Christianity.

Acts of the Apostles is unique among known Christian texts of the three centuries in purporting to give a continuous narrative of early developments and figures in the first decades of the young Christian movement.Perhaps the most well-known is the still-important 5-volume work: , eds. This project included a volume on the “Jewish and Gentile Backgrounds,” another on key critical issues (e.g., authorship, date, etc.), a full volume on the text-critical issue (by J. Ropes), a volume of passage-by-passage commentary (by Lake and Cadbury), and a volume of “Additional Notes” that include some valuable studies of particular topics in Acts. There were, certainly, other Christian writings that now bear the label “apocryphal acts,” but they tend to focus on one or another figure, are commonly thought to have emerged later than Acts of the Apostles, and at least some of them seem to be compilations of stories and smaller units of material, not having the character of Acts as a more unified narrative.In the 1990s there appeared another multi-volume series with much to offer, (vols 4-6 covering the full text of Acts, published by J. For a good entrée into these texts, see Hans-Josef Klauck, (several editions ca.The First Christian Historian: Writing the “Acts of the Apostles” (SNTSMS, 121; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002).Acts is still usually regarded as a second volume by the author of the Gospel of Luke, and these two work comprise a major literary project in themselves, amounting to about 25% of the entire NT.When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it.


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