Spark speed dating malta

But what about the leaders of tomorrow – what are they thinking, and what do they believe business should do to make a positive difference? I am running a speed dating event tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at Day Of The Dead Restaurant/Bar in St. This event is for ladies 38-53 y.o and gentlemen 40-55 y.o All ladies tickets have sold out, however I do have a few tickets remaining for the gentlemen, which I am happy to offer for a 20% discount. This event will have no more than 24 participants (12/12) and for your ticket price you get samples of the venues tasty cuisine. Best of all, this discount offer applies to all tickets to all events that I currently have on sale, and there are ladies tickets still available for those :) Thank you for you attention and have an awesome day!

Our Age Group Poll shows we are: 16% - Under 30, 28% - 31-40 35% - 41-50 19% - 51-60 2% - Over 60 TICKET SALES AND GENDER RATIOS Events require you to pre-purchase tickets online.This is why under Continue Reading Yesterday (May 9th) was Europe day! Celebrated on the day of the Schuman declaration, this day is a perfect opportunity to think about European and international collaboration.The theme is focused on 60th anniversary of the European Union as it is today.We know it's hard – seeing as most of us live with our parents till we actually do make a match with someone.But if your mum comes up in the first two minutes of your conversation – you probably should seek therapy.The report looks at two post-filing processes; obtaining a VAT refund and correcting a corporate income tax return and dealing with any corresponding tax.


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